Technology and data go hand-in-hand. Technology is an enabler for data. However, it can also be a constrainer is not selected and managed correctly.

We see technology as an enabler. Many people see technology as the solution. They tend to focus their energies the “best” technology and many times get stuck in an analysis paralysis waiting for the next version or “better” technology to be released. What is most important is finding technology that enables the rest of your strategic solution and gives you the flexibility and portability to be able to pick very quickly if a better technology exists.

How fast can you pivot?

Key concepts

  • Ease of use – democratization of data
  • Accessibility – make it easy to access
  • Portability – don’t get caught in a proprietary trap
  • Security – ensure the right systems and people have access
  • Adaptability – ability to support new data and uses without massive rework