Our Leadership

Rich Peters

Rich is the founder of Tongere Partners, a firm which specializes in delivering information strategies that help companies run better through leveraging data and information.  This includes business process and data integration, ERP implementation support, Program Management, Business Intelligence (BI), Enterprise Data Management (EDM) and Metadata. Tongere Partners’ solutions provide 100% of the information that companies need for operations, key metrics and core analytics.  Our solutions also provide a platform for ad-hoc analytics and data mining, while removing 75% of the potential time dedicated to gathering the data.

As a principal of the firm, Rich has provided IT strategy, governance, organizational design, solutions and implementation guidance for leading companies across many industries for over 20 years. Examples of these include: footwear and apparel, heavy equipment manufacturing, construction, high tech manufacturing, pharma, import/export, automotive, retail and wholesale distribution. His experience includes setting and delivering information strategies in conjunction with global ERP implementations.  Many times, Rich has been brought in to fix or reimplement solutions that have not been as successful as originally planned.  He is also a leading expert in helping organizations access information after they have implemented an ERP. Rich has also created enterprise Metadata, Master Data and world-wide Business Intelligence Centers of Excellence (COE) for multiple clients. His forte is maximizing the value of a client’s data by delivering solutions that drive information into the business, thereby allowing them to make better decisions faster.

Rich holds a BFA from the University of Illinois and an MBA from Arizona State University.