Aligning processes and data


There are two ways we look at processes when it comes to data. 

  • First there are the processes for ingesting, governing, integrating, and accessing data.
  • Second is how data integrates with operational and strategic processes.


How data integrates with operational and strategic processes

In all processes data is both utilized and generated.  The key to success is understanding what data needs to available at each point in the process, where it comes from and what level of quality does it need.  When the data is generated it is critical to know how it should be captured and at what level of granularity and quality.  Who are the initial users of the data can be a very useful guide.

Can you easily understand your processes through your data?

Key Concepts

  • Data is generated by processes
  • Data is used by processes
  • Data itself is managed through process
  • The quality of the data reflects the quality of the process